About Us

We are a team who are actively working on this blog. The purpose to start this blog was to share information that would make our work life easier.

How did shortcutkeys.in get started?

In college days we always had a thought on our minds to start a blog that would help others in some way. But, we never knew on what topic. We finished our college yet we haven't yet started the blog. 

We all took jobs after our college graduation and were busy in our job work life. When we met on weekends we regret that we could not start a blog that we all had decided in our college days. Still, we never got the topic on which we could start a blog that would help to other people in some way.

About us

Once on vacation, we were discussing on work productivity. Sitting in front of a computer for hours what are the things that one could do to speed up the work. As the talk went on we started discussing about the keyboard shortcuts we use at work and then one of our buddy bro said "why not a blog on shortcut keys". In no time we all agreed and finalized to publish our own blog. 

On weekends we met and started working on the blog. We now daily update the blog and try to bring out useful information that could serve others. 



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